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Connect with these professional learning opportunities to develop your understanding of research questions, methods, publications, and distribution of findings.

Working Groups

The Research Commission creates and supports Working Groups tasked with exploring issues associated with the Commission’s work. Working Groups are composed of NAEA members and Research Commissioners who share an interest in a particular research topic, methodology, purpose, and/or approach. Additional Working Groups are added periodically based on need and interest. For information on becoming a member of a particular Working Group, contact the Working Group Chair.

Research Commission Conversations

Take part in a conversation or ask questions about using, conducting, and implementing research through this exclusive member resource hosted through NAEA’s Collaborate community. Join the conversation here!

Webinars & Webcasts

The Research Commission regularly hosts webinars and webcasts. Access archived content below. View upcoming webinars here; and upcoming webcasts here.

Annual NAEA Research Preconference

The Research Commission’s annual Research Preconference (which precedes the NAEA National Convention) amplifies and extends opportunities for the face-to-face sharing of research. The Commission recognizes that contemporary art education researchers collectively shape the field through generative inquiry into wide-ranging topics, using a host of methods and approaches. We also see that, beyond researchers in higher education settings, art educators in many contexts–out of self-motivated interest, assessment-related mandates, and other needs–are increasingly designing and carrying out studies on teaching and learning in their own professional settings. The Commission invites all members of the NAEA to join together around research by attending our annual preconferences.

Supported by the National Art Education Foundation, these preconferences feature plenary panels and breakout presentations/discussions to stimulate cross-Divisional conversations among researchers from all levels and contexts—including higher education, P-12 art classrooms, museums, supervision and administration, and community arts settings.

Past Preconferences


February 23-24, 2021: Inside/Outside: Connections, Curiosities, and Questions in Art Education
Download the Program PDF here.


February 12, 2022: What’s Your Why? Arts Education Research as a Common Enterprise


March 24-25, 2023: How and Where Does Your Research Live? Practice and Emergent Possibilities

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