2024 Research Preconvention

Call for Proposals


NAEA 2024 Research Preconvention: “Untitled

Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2024 | 9am-5pm CT
Format: This Preconvention will take place in person in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Proposal Submission: The deadline to submit a proposal for consideration is December 1, 2023.

The proposal deadline was December 1, 2023.


An artwork that is untitled offers an open field of possibility while also existing within a complex environment of influences: the maker who crafted it, the wall upon which it hangs or floor where it sits, the doors that open and close its access, the people that determine its travel, and the materials that comprise it. Similar to an artist making the decision to leave their art untitled, the 2024 Research Preconvention is intentionally titled “Untitled” to encourage a wide range of proposals from researchers.

“Untitled” is a 1-day in-person event designed to ignite our research network in art and design education across our dynamic field. From elementary classroom practitioners to community educators to higher education professors, research presents a powerful range of possibilities for the future of schools, cultural institutions, and community contexts. Join us to shape that potential.


The 2024 NAEA Research Preconvention is organized by the NAEA Research Commission, generously supported by the National Art Education Foundation, and open to all.

As organizers of the Preconvention, the NAEA Research Commission continues to advance our mission and vision as an important context of influence on Preconvention goals.

NAEA Research Commission Mission:

The NAEA Research Commission activates a research culture of advocacy, dialogue and policy making across environments, fostering networks and collaborations within communities of practice relevant to visual arts, design, and media arts education.

Vision Statement:

The NAEA Research Commission supports diverse research within and beyond NAEA illuminating how art education fosters collaboration, communication, scholarship, transformative discoveries, innovation, creativity, and understanding.

The commission’s vision:

  • Broadens awareness of the value of research;
  • Advocates for the needs of a variety of NAEA research communities;
  • Shares research information and findings;
  • Facilitates working groups, research partnerships, and interdisciplinarity;
  • Supports professional learning to foster research initiatives;
  • Contributes to leadership development in research;
  • Cultivates research initiatives to shape education; and
  • Promotes a vibrant, ethical, diverse, and inclusive research culture within and beyond NAEA.


We invite inquirers from across the NAEA membership to consider the relationship of their individual and collective questions, curiosities, connections, research initiatives, and visions of our fields’ future. The theme of this year’s Preconvention stems from the Research Commission’s mission to cultivate a culture and community of inquiry making research meaningful and accessible to all.

Through innovative and creative approaches to discussing these themes, we invite presenters and participants to engage in dialogue on the power of research, honoring the individual and collective curiosities that are representative of our diverse membership.

The Preconvention will be held in person on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, from 9 am to 5 pm. Online presentations and attendance will not be available. Select from one of three proposal formats: flash presentations, research circles, and workshops.


We seek proposals for flash presentations, research circles, and workshops. An individual can submit and/or participate in no more than two proposals. All presenters must be current NAEA members and register for the Preconvention.

Presentation Formats:

Flash Presentations
Individuals or small groups will have a total of 10 minutes to present content. We expect to group three to four presentations into a 60-minute session, leaving a few minutes for questions. A facilitator will mediate each flash session. If accepted, slides are required to be sent to the facilitator 2 weeks prior to the Preconvention.

Research Circle
Research circle presentations consist of three to four participants addressing a focused research theme from diverse perspectives. One of the participants must act as the moderator and facilitate active engagement and dialogue among panelists and with audience members. Research circle presentations will be allotted 60 minutes.

The primary aim of a workshop is to provide research-related content in a highly interactive manner that might direct practice. The number of presenters is dependent on the nature of the workshop. Note in your proposal how you plan to engage the audience. Indicate your selection of a 90- or 180-minute slot.

Proposal Requirements:

Successful proposals will clearly explain how the presenter’s topic relates to NAEA’s Research Vision Statement.

Proposals must adhere to one of the following formats:

  1. Flash Presentation (10 minutes in total)

    • Title of presentation
    • Presenter name, affiliations, and email addresses
    • Program description (30-word limit)
    • Description of presentation (250-word limit)
    • Summary of how your flash presentation relates to the NAEA Research Vision Statement (100-word limit)
    • References (if applicable)
  2. Research Circle (60 minutes)

    • Title of presentation
    • Presenter Names, affiliations, and email addresses
    • Program description (30-word limit)
    • Description of presentation (250-word limit)
    • Summary of how the research circle addresses the NAEA Research Vision Statement, with prompts for discussion (100-word limit)
    • Reference list for in-text citations (if applicable)
  3. Workshops (Choose either 90-minute or 180-minute format)

    • Title of workshop
    • Presenter names, affiliations, and email addresses
    • Program description (30-word limit)
    • Description of presentation (250-word limit)
    • Summary of how workshop addresses the NAEA Research Vision Statement, with prompts for hands-on activities and discussion (100-word limit)
    • Reference list for in-text citations (if applicable)

Proposals will be reviewed anonymously; please do not include identifying information in the proposal description.

The proposal deadline was December 1, 2023.

The NAEA Research Preconvention call for presentations process is open to current NAEA members. Presenters and co-presenters must be current members of NAEA at the time the proposal is submitted and through the Preconvention. If accepted, all presenters and co-presenters must also register for the Research Preconvention, and flash presentation slides must be submitted to the facilitator 2 weeks in advance.


Proposals due: December 1, 2023
Acceptance notifications on or before: January 15, 2024

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