Arts & Education is a charitable, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization that conducts arts, education and advanced technology projects with youth and adults. Our educational programs including made for television youth projects have been sponsored through partnerships with private and community foundations, corporations , media organizations, public schools and neighborhood groups in Massachusetts and Florida.

Our mission is to educate and train people to engage their creativity in a manner that empowers individuals to interact fully and responsibly with their envioronment. The platform for our work is often technology that bridges the arts and sciences. The mediums range from visual and performing arts to cultivation of creative expression in recreational and spiritual endeavors, project tradescrafts, media arts and expression.

We encourage masters of the arts to invest in the future of their social networks and communities by distibuting their work and mentoring others in the philosophy and practice of each craft. We offer unique opportunities for individual artists, crafts people and practitioners to share their gifts and talents while sheltering their legacy and intellectual property for use by their community. Contact us for information on programs and providing fiscal conduit services for new ventures.

Through donations, patrons help A&E to distribute and sustain learning initiatives. We concentrate on projects using environmentally friendly technology and support community endeavors, like story-telling for women and children. We encourage you to browse our website. Become informed on new issues, be inspired by what you learn and then take whatever steps you can to make a difference through participating.

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